December 28, 2006

Gerald Ford

President Ford passed away. He was an interesting guy. No one voted for him for the station he ascended too. He stepped into a roll at a time when someone like him was needed.

He was able to put a particularly nasty time behind us and move forward. A good man, a man of destiny if you will.

RIP Mr. President.


timmer said...


"he stepped into a roll..." for a moment i thought you were talking about one of his falls. ;->

Tina said...

Yeah, he was kind of famous for that. I once went skiing in Vail (my folks got some kind of package deal) and pretty soon after we got home again, he went there to ski and fell, of course. :)

- Rob said...

Ironically, Gerald Ford was one of the most athletic presidents (if not the most). However, he was also the most photographed and filmed president ever (at the time) which drew attention to the occasional clumsy moments that everyone has. Oh well, he seemed to take it well.