December 07, 2006

Nothing says love like online gaming

It was obliquely pointed out to me how cool it was that my wife enjoys computer games. At home we have two facing computer desks and regularly log-in as a duet. Most online games, MMORPG's escpecially, teaming up makes the missions go quicker easier and thus more fun.

The total being greater then the sum of the parts. This harkened me back to the time she first participated.

It was a sunday afternoon and I had logged into a game called Asherons Call (AC). This was a sword and sorcery setting game that had a pretty nasty penalty if your character died. You would be weakened (vitae) and your 'corpse' would hang onto a couple of your most expensive items. If you could make it back to your 'corpse' you could open it and take your items back. So getting back was paramount because some of the items were hard won.

Anyways, my perchance for exploration lead me to this volcanic dungeon. It was oddly empty and I was able to make it down to the depths before I found anything to battle. I lost and headed back. As I hit the room where I had 'died' I was jumped by several baddies and dropped more items. This particular labrinth had been cleaned out just before I had entered and now all the critters had respawned. I was now five deaths in and the bulk of my hard won gear was looking nigh impossible to retreive.

So, I sent out a message to some of my guild mates. Word got around that I needed a rescue and most of my guild enjoyed the challenge. While the forces where gathering the clock started working against me.

I had to go to a previous appointment that obviously took precident over any game. However with the people online gathering and my character so weakened I was actually torn about what to do.

Enter my wife. She agreed to help by running my character. I showed her the basics of the game and she explained to the guild her substituting. (no guild talking was around then).

To this day I am not exactly sure what all went on but over the next couple of hours Tina was able to recover all my gear and charm the bulk of the people in my guild who, in turn, kept insisting that she should 'roll' up a character.

And so she did. That evolved into a second account and later dual computers.


timmer said...


Tina said...

I can't remember how long, but eventually your corpse would "dissolve" and so would your items. So you really did have to recover your corpse in a certain length of time. Which is why I stepped in.

I remember Grasp standing in water, and then every once it a while someone would say, "Okay, it's clear. Come where I am."

Then I'd run her back where she'd been. Heh. Not the most exciting first experience for me - but all the guys in the guild were really sweet.

I still chat with Buffminster here & there on MSN. He might be joining WoW with the expansion in January.

- Rob said...

Wives and video games don't often mix. A good marriage includes having a number of things in common. It's just really cool that you two have this on top of everything else!

It's also great to keep up with two long time friends, who happen to be married, through the use of this technology. We don't have to meet in bars or bowling alleys like in the "golden ole days" -- we don't even have to live close together anymore to stay in very close touch.