December 01, 2006


I like science fiction, likewise science fantasy, sword and sorcery. Movies, Books, Graphic Novels, Television etc. My personal favorite genre is the Comic Book superhero. As a long time comic book fan I have been very dissapointed in the horrible transition my favorite characters have made to other media. Until lately.

Maybe its the name 'comic' that gives people a preconceived notion that these stories are camp or two dimensional in scope. As my peers come of age you see the influence comming through. Wheadon, Kevin Smith, Loeb, Rami and many others have a respect for the media and have been able to provide the comic book style outlet to the mainstream. And it has been embraced.

The latest example is the NBC show Heroes. Each week watching it is like turning the pages of a comic to me. The background main story, the sub-plots the character building.

I even like the multi-media approach of being able to watch it online or do a two min catch up. They have a weekly comic online that helps connect the dots as well.

It's very cool.

Save the Cheerleader, save the world.

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Tina said...

What I like about the Tivo is most times, we can all wait until everyone can watch our favorite shows together.

Connor is doing his own thing, but Trevor & Diana really enjoy watching some shows with Lee & I.

Heroes is one of those shows. We all watch together, and afterward we discuss the twists & turns. It's fun. Almost like families back when listening to radio programmes together. Hee.

We also watch "My Name is Earl" the Stargates, and "Doctor Who" as a family. Neat stuff.