December 08, 2006

“very credible”

This is just too good to not share:

Okay go to this website and read a bit:


Okay now go read this artical:

Now either Laugh or bang your head against something. Your choice...


Tina said...

I'm guessing due to your specific teaching to not be gullible, our kids won't fall for it.

But not everyone can have you for a dad, can they?

shoo said...

I suspect 7th grade may be too young to have developed enough skepticism for this. I wonder how college kids would fare.

I'm gonna try it on my kids and see what happens.

Did you press the link for Sasquatch? There is a wealth of humor to be found there as well.

Tina said...

Both Trevor & Diana caught the joke. Then we had to go look at the other sites as well. Trevor liked the Mountain Walruses especially well. "These horses are safe for now."