March 28, 2007

Computers be funny peoples.

In my current post I talk to quite a few computer owners. On the fringes of owners I find you have the people who bought the lowest cost system they could and are expecting it to run every software out there at blazing speed. Counterpose that with older e-mail only user who buys a high end loaded system that has way too many features that they will never use.

Case in point. My buddy Shoo is what you would easily classify as a 'High End' computer user. Lord High Programing guru lord of the Dance kinda guy. He has multiple systems and one of which sounds pretty high end. Loaded with features that Shoo could easily take advantage of. However having the added complexity isnt always bestest. His Sound card appears to be capabable of doing many wonderful things. Shoo, really hasnt done much more then just let it run under whatever settings it had from the get go.

With our using VOIP for playing games his sound is doing some odd things. some very annoying. There is a complex number of settings and trying to configure it for both the game and VOIP can be a challange.

Last night he jumped on his older system and that sound works great for the VOIP. Probably a less sophisticated card as well, it works as expected.

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