March 06, 2007

Mom .vs. Army part deux!

With my brothers tour of duty comming to an end there was much anticipation of Kraig comming back home. My mom was worried dispite him being in one of the more safer places during 'Nam.

Then a letter arrived. Due to a shortage of man power the relief for his base had been delayed so he would be there for an additional two to four months.

This prompted my mother to again pull out her pen and paper and send off a missive to the powers that be. "You took my son and that was fine, he has served his time and now I want him home. If you do not have enough people then draft more, my son has served and he is NOT going to stay one more day past his time" (paraphrased)

My brother was called into the CO's office and asked to take a seat. As one might guess he had an idea it had something to do with mom... The CO sat for a bit in uncomfortable slience.

"I am not quite sure who your Mom is or who she knows. but, somehow she has been able to do in two weeks Something I have been tryign to do for six months, get relief assigned here."

With that he informed my brother he would be going home on time and asked Kraig to PLEASE, inform his mother.

Personally, I would love to get my hands on moms letters to the army.


Tina said...

Maybe it wasn't so much who your mom knew, but who she married. Judging by the letters your dad's family got after the death of his brother in the service, somebody knew SOMEBODY big in the chain of command. I don't remember who sent the letters, but they were people of prominence in the country.

It may have just been the name was recognizable from your uncle's service & sacrifice?

Lee said...

I attributed it to my Moms grace and charm.

that, and she is fiesty!

shoo said...

When a letter comes to the Army from a Kiester, then action is taken. Nobody wants to be accused of sitting on their Kiester.