March 09, 2007

Giants in our time.

Back in the non-pc days of the 60's our boy scout meetings used to end with a full contact game of capture the flag or british bulldogs.

For one reason or another Shoo (see link to the right) and I were masters of Bulldogs.

The game consisted of running from one side of a field to the other side without being tackled by the person who was 'it'.

I could stop Shoo solo and he could stop me solo. But, that was about it. More times then I can remember it would boil down to the two of us being the final and similerly being drug down by multiple people and even dragging them across the field as well.

My favorite story involved a particularly game where me and shoo would run side by side as a juggernaut. Shoo realized they were going to use this against us next run so we opted to seperate and moved to opposit ends of the line. At the call I started to run and broke right and was slammed and slammed hard. I lost my footing and wondered who the heck had hit me that hard. looking around I did not see my attacker however, about where the impact took place, laying on the ground was Shoo. We had blindsided each other. Of course per the rules neither of us where out, I gasped out an explination something like "Shoo, get up, your not out... It was me"... He Popped to his feet and we survived a couple more runs. I kinda wish my folks had let me play football on defensive line next to Shoo.
We coulda be Giants in our time.


Tina said...

I was good at dodgeball...

shoo said...

LOL...yep, I clearly remember that particular night too.