March 05, 2007


I have the ability to skate and to skate well. This, to me, means I am just as comfortable on my skates as I am on me feet. While I am by no stretch of the imagination one of those half-pipe, grinding, back-flipping, eXtreme skater. Still I am accomplished.

I have Mad Skillz.

I had a group of friends, associated with my Catholic Young Adults group who decided that adult skate night would be fun. I went along even though at the age of 19 I could not skate... at all..

As time passed none of them were skating, yet I was, then I started working at the rink. I bought a sweet pair of quads, stainless steel with a upgraded jump bar (that I still broke). My buddy Eric got me into a roller hockey team and I found out that Quads have no protection against hockey sticks.

So I got some hockey stakes. My last pair are really nice thick and tight but on occasion I will bruise one of my toes while skating. I think I need a pad or something above the little gap in the hard shell of the toe.

A couple weeks back I took Connor to a possible b-day party at the rink. Connor is athletic and over the two hours his ability and confidence grew remarkably. He really had a good time.

So Sundays they have a Parents go free with child. Diana and Trevor where in tow and again we had wheels meet wood. Connor continued to improve. Even would let go of my hand for a few seconds at a time.

The few laps I could do solo did bring back alot of good feelings that have been dormant for quite some time. Gotta go back again.

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