June 10, 2008

Inspirational Obama

Obama's speaking to crowds are so inspirational.


Daniel W. said...

Yes... political speeches (by candidates and presidents alike) can be quite hilarious.

flyingvan said...

I don't care how bad some speeches are or how socialist his platform is. I'm voting for him because I want CHANGE. And, it will prove I'm not a racist.

keeka said...

ok, now, really? That wasn't touched up or anything? Truly?
Hmmmm...wow. That is scary.

The Happy Cynic said...

He stops so many times in his answer because there is a heckler who keeps interrupting, not because he can't finish a sentence.

Listen to it again with the volume turned up.

Honestly, I'm surprised you're not an Obama fan.

Lee said...

I have found Obama to be the next Jimmy Carter. We really do not need that.

McCain is not a great choice IMHO but he is proving to be tons better then Obama the Democrat puppet.