June 30, 2010

What I did on my Summer vacation.

Our yearly vacation consists of visiting my in-laws up in Canada. We usually have a mix of activities that include going to the beach, shopping, dining and visiting touristy places.

Connor looks forward to this trip, partially out of consistency. He has been ready to go a few months now and when the day arrived he was anxious for us to get in the van and get going. We had a few issues that prevented us from having a defined time to leave. This further played havoc with Connors sense of the universe. As with any Autistic, he has angst when things change.

When we did hit the road things went well. We stopped at the hotel in Kelso he preferred and went swimming. T and D went to the movies. We had waffles in the morning and made the rest of the journey. Connor was next interested in the water park (H2O centre), going to the beach and eating French fries at Jax. Sadly Jax had closed.

My running in the AM was a nice way to start the day. There is a number of foothills that made for a challenging run. I added a bit more to the beginning of my run and was soon just over 4-1/2 miles a day. I also got to run up mission hill. Something I had been wanting to do for quite some time. The plan was to make it a six mile run ending with the uphill portion. Sadly I forgot that odometers are in Kilometers and so I ran 3 miles (6k).

Around my mom-in-laws home there were some tasks that needed doing. I was able to hang up some plants extending the chains, replaced a handle on the sliding doors, re-ran the string to close the upstairs bedroom curtains and replaced the flapper on the up stairs bathroom toilet.

We got to see my nephew's martial arts classes and enjoy life in BC for awhile.

The concept of moving up there reared its head on a couple of occasions. There is a lot to like about the people and the area.

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keeka said...

I heard a lot of good stuff from my mom about you, Lee! It sounded like a really good visit and she was impressed with your stick-to- itivness with the running and she appreciated all the help with the "tasks" that needed doing. Our visit this year is a little shorter but the kids are most interested in seeing their Omi and going to the Atlantis water park. They have not yet seen the H2O Center so they may change their minds about the water park in Vernon. Glad you had a good time!