January 15, 2013

Because life is cheap...?

There is an extreme disconnect in regards to life. Somehow when sperm hits egg, there is a question of letting the child live.  This question tends to be more applicable when it occurred at some teenage bacchanal.  Less so when you are a married couple pursuing procreation.

This list of reasons to kill a baby are long.  Going from punishment, to the life of mother and child.  It strikes me, that relegating intercourse to the bonds of marriage eliminates a good chunk of the debate.

However, we are told it is naive to think that kids will not engage in sex, and we should teach them how and to use proper protection. Sex is such a closed topic as well.  Even with the hedonism we have from entertainment, the focus is spun so far from reality.

Relying on the Government to teach and regulate sex is tantamount to abuse.  There has to be a moral sense of responsibility for actions (something that has been universally condemned).

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flyingvan said...

Something that wasn't made clear to me at that age was, how in the bonds of monogamy, it can just keep getting better and better year after year. I was under the impression I was missing out, and the honeymoon part was brief then it was a drudge. So now we're trying to impress on our kids, more than any othe sex ed, is play your cards right and it's lifelong awesome.