January 08, 2013

wither Weather...

I recall the new ice age from the 1970's.  It was a scary thought, the earth cooling and all of us freezing to death.  I remember the Man Made Global Warming, Hockey Stick Graph, showing a dramatic rise in temperature.  I remember thinking that we changed directions from the Ice age.  I figured we went too far.

Then I read an article about Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick and how Stephen went about checking the data and the stonewalls being put up to stop him.  It did not seem very scientific.  

  • The Scientific method:
  • Ask a Question
  • Do Background Research
  • Construct a Hypothesis
  • Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
  • Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
  • Communicate Your Results
  • Peers duplicate your work
No place for hiding your data or attacking scientists who draw different conclusions or gather a consensus...

Global warming got re-branded as Climate Change.  This muddied the waters.  After all, who can deny that the Climate changes over time?  So you had to press for definition of terms.  If they had held onto the Man Made portion, you would not have too.  

There was a big political side to this which made things worse.  Vilification of those who did not swallow that we are killing the planet started happening.  Some took up the challenge and made some headway.

I remember the Kyoto treaty and how it was just a big payday to a bunch of governments.  The analysis was that even if we did everything Kyoto wanted, it would not stop Global Warming.  It would siphon lots of cash though...  Which seemed to be a pattern.

One of the larger points being made against Global Climate Warming Change, was that the world stopped warming up in 1998.  This caused lots of carefully worded defense of us destroying the planet.

We were treated to news releases telling us that hurricanes were the result of Global Warming.  Then the lack of hurricanes was due to global warming.  Hot summers were due to Global Warming.  Cold Summers were due to Global Warming. Warm winters  were due to Global Warming. Cold winters  were due to Global Warming.  Lower tides  were due to Global Warming.  Higher tides were due to Global Warming.

At the same time we saw ridicule being heaped upon those who suggested that Cooler summers and Cooler winters were proof that Man Made Climate Change was a farce.  I personally wondered how a system that is millions of years old and ever so complex can be modeled without heavy guessing.

1979 through 2012, ranked from warmest to coolest:
1. 1998 0.419
2. 2010 0.394
3. 2005 0.260
4. 2002 0.218
5. 2009 0.218
6. 2007 0.202
7. 2003 0.187
8. 2006 0.186
9. 2012 0.161
10. 2011 0.130
11. 2004 0.108
12. 2001 0.107
13. 1991 0.020
14. 1987 0.013
15. 1995 0.013
16. 1988 0.012
17. 1980 -0.008
18. 2008 -0.009
19. 1990 -0.022
20. 1981 -0.045
21. 1997 -0.049
22. 1999 -0.056
23. 1983 -0.061
24. 2000 -0.061
25. 1996 -0.076
26. 1994 -0.108
27. 1979 -0.170
28. 1989 -0.207
29. 1986 -0.244
30. 1993 -0.245
31. 1982 -0.250
32. 1992 -0.289
33. 1985 -0.309
34. 1984 -0.353

Weird eh?  Maybe we should re-brand to Extreme Weather?  And so they did...
Now you had a moniker that you could throw out there with little disagreement.

So back in 2006 Al Gore, who gave up public service to be the Global Warming whore.  "An Inconvenient Truth," was his  movie documenting his efforts to raise alarm on the effects of global warming.
At the Sundance festival he's palling around with  Larry David who says, "You know, Al is a funny guy, but he's also a very serious guy who believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan."  A little over three years left... Which goes back to Ted Dansen's dire dilemma back in 1998. Which again should have heaped ridicule upon him.

Al has cashed in big time, and whenever he needed a paycheck he just appears in the limelight again.  He even got together a bunch of suckers for a TV network, that no one watched.

Recently he sold it to an anti-american antisemitic organization, because it fit better with the stations sensibilities then Glen Becks pocket book..

Is man warming the planet?  Possibly, but there are far more likely culprits.  Should we slow or stop pollutants and find better ways?  Sure.

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