February 21, 2008

Working for yourself.

For sometime the idea of working for myself, my own business, if you will. Has a certain appeal.

My biggest stumbling block is comming up with a business that I feel is viable. Anyone can open a business. For one to work you have to fill a need or create a need to fill, or assist with filling a need.

Having some kind of storefront has appeal for me. As does starting something like a home base business and working up from there.

My neighbor is a Gardener, it suits him and he enjoys the work and answers to himself.

Ill keep thinkin.


flyingvan said...

Huge disconnect right now between small businesses and their IT systems. Too much time wasted. There are people that will do band-aid fixes, but no one will evaluate their entire system and put them where they need to be. I think it's a big untapped sector

Anonymous said...

I think you should definitely try the whole own your own (kinda redundant huh?) business. Your a very smart man, almost nobody can jip you. I think it would a great way. Now i dont know what you will do but i hope you keep thinking about it. love nae

ronnwaters said...

When I was going to school I did home repair/restoration etc. It was great, I could work when I wasn't in class, take time off to go do my reserve stuff and a lot of it was all cash. However, I did get stiffed a few times. I decided to go back to teaching when I fell off a ladder while painting a house. It was raining and I had a cast on my knee already. Just because I had a broken knee didn't mean I could take time off.
That was my last "full time" job. I did do work for a few clients on my school breaks. When I got laid off when OC went bankrupt I had many of my old clients calling me up.
It is nice being your own boss, but I had trouble with the billing end of it. Also, I was not very good at estimating and charging. Some days I made lots other days not enough....
We have an IT consultant for the district who handles the PC side (office managers/admin) and he does VERY well. I know school districts are always on the look out for good IT people. Check out edjoin.org, or the Oregon equivalent.