February 24, 2008


I have quite a few in-laws. Jim, Nancy, Doug, Wolfgang, Renate, Connie, Carl and Carolyn.

Otha, who was married to my sister and Gus who passed away.

I have a slew of nieces and nephews as well but they are never referred to in-laws.

My mind has different classifications and feelings about these various peoples. As luck would have it I like and enjoy all of them. I have had issues with some in the past and probably will do so in the future, but that is the same with my siblings as well. Its just family.

While we are all friendly I think the best friendship I have is with Carl. We met going out with sisters around the same time, found out similer interests and came from similer backgrounds as well.

All in all I feel one of Gods blessings in my life is my extended family and how much we enjoy each other when we were together. It's nice to have a family you would have chosen...

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