February 17, 2008

Tim W. you will be missed

Tim W. worked with me at Dell. He was the I\T guy there. One person handling 300+ stations. He was a good guy. He is going to die, probably this week. Well, thats not quite true. I understand he had an anuryisem and is brain dead. His family is taking him off the machine soon. Maybe today or it already happened.

Tim was a kindered soul, he liked the things I did (as did the fellow members of the tech support department). After we were put into place it wasnt uncommon for Tim to saunter over and spend a moment or two waxing nerdy with us.

There are certain things that tech heads just can't talk to with a large bulk of the population.

I liked Tim and while I always figured we would get together for something, now that oppertunity is lost and I am sad.

My heart goes out to his daughter and family.


keeka said...

I am really sorry to hear it..what a sad thing to happen! I hope that his family is taken care of? We will pray for his family... Sorry you lost a friend too!
We are praying everything works out for the best for you and Trevor and Diana's schooling and Connor's assessment and Trev's school stuff too! Lots and lots of prayers are going out to you guys!!!

flyingvan said...

Grief is the price you pay for love. It's a bargain.