December 17, 2011


I find that I wake up with tight muscles during my work week.  I do a few sets of sit ups and push ups to get the blood flowing, then hit the shower (sometimes the shower is first).  During the first cup of coffee I am feeling pretty good.  By the time I ride my bike into work I am alert, awake and ready to tackle the day.

Today my shoulders are tight and there is a muscle\tendon on the outer right side of my lower right leg that feels pulled or strained or something.  At certain angles and taking certain steps I can definitively feel pain.

My head cold is trailing off with just a little congestion.  I really notice the lack of strength during this cold.  I felt fatigue after four hours of moving pallets and stacking Televisions.

I deduced a time-line, I believe I caught this germ around our open house, last Saturday.  I had some tummy issues Sunday, but dismissed that as indigestion.  By Monday night I was having post nasal drip and the sore throat.  Nyquil night was begun.  I like Alka seltzer cold, as it masks my symptoms well.  After five hours of stocking, I noted we had enough coverage for me to head home sick, which I did.

I spent the rest of Tuesday, most of Wednesday asleep.  I woke long enough on Wednesday to assess and call in sick to work.  The Second time this year  (arrgh!).  By Thursday Morning I had slept 40 hours or so and was feeling pretty good.

I made it through my Thursday morning okay, but I was not my usual self.  Friday I was better, however I headed south to work on my Brother-in-Laws computer and that took its toll.

My head was muddled enough that reading brought on a pretty good headache.  The three hour car drive did not help matters.  Still, after a good nap I felt up enough to go skating.

Again, I got fatigued way too fast.  Today we are driving up to Portlandia to get my daughter from the airport.

I plan on resting most of the trip and bring along some meds.

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