December 30, 2011

Work discussion...

Some variation of this discussion happens every so often.  This is a compilation that is not too far from an actual conversation"

Member: Why are you so expensive?  I can buy this same set across town for half the price.

Sales: Really, that is a huge value.  They have this exact model with the same warranty?

Member: Yup, I have the flyer right here.

Sales: (reading over the flyer).  Well they are a bit different,  our set is a Samsung and this flyer shows a Colby. Further, our Samsung has true high definition resolution at 1080progressive lines this Colby is a 720.

Member: What does that mean?

Sales: The resolution is the number of lines the set uses to make a picture.  The higher the number the sharper the image.  Think of thread counts in sheets, the higher the count the better the quality.  Also, this Colby has a 60hz refresh rate, while our Samsung is 240hz.  That refers to the number of times the TV redraws the image.  The higher the rate the more fluid the motion.

Member: So the higher number is better?

Sales: More-so on larger sets.  Anything over 37  inch diagonal you want a higher refresh rate.  For a 46" set like this 240hz is highly desirable.  Especially for action films and sports or video games.

Member:  I don't play video games, so that really is not that important.

Sales: Do you watch football?

Member: Yeah, all the time.

Sales: A higher refresh rate would be better for football.  I see here that the Colby is not LED back-lit.

Member: The Samsung says it is LCD and LED, so which is it?

Sales: Both sets are LCD or liquid crystal displays.  Like an old 35mm slide they need light behind them for you to see the picture.  An LCD does not produce its own light.  A standard LCD, like the Colby, has some light bulbs behind the screen across the back.  Those produce light and heat, so the sets are thicker to allow for cooling.

Sales (cont.): The Samsung has LED or Light Emitting Diodes, to light the screen.  They look similer to those old light bright crystals, but they are solid state and only produce light.  So you get a brighter picture and a thinner set that uses less electricity.

Member:  I see, but why are your prices for a 46" set so much higher...

Sales: ...........................Gosh, I don't know, you should go buy the cheaper one.....

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