December 09, 2011


Last evening (Thursday).  We had our weekly TOPS meeting.  Tina had a later dentist appointment and that left me to my own devices to get to said meeting.  I abhor having two vehicles at the same location as it seems wasteful.  So my choice was to walk.  As walking seems so damn slow, I opted to run.

This availed me of the park walking\bike path.  About a mile into the run I had thought to stop and walk a bit, as I had not been running for a month or so.  As with any good run, my mind had gone off on its own and when it snapped back, I realized I had gone well past my "stopping point"  I shrugged and kept running.

This is when the weirdness kept into my thoughts.  I realized I had no idea about how far I could run. My breathing is steady, my pace is mechanical and the degree of difficulty in maintaining was nil.  This was just breathing more then walking. 

My thoughts crossed out to the distance thinking of what lies beyond.  Could I run all the way to the coast?  Could I make it over the Cascades?  Is the Canadian boarder attainable (given overnight sleep)?

I thought of ancient civilization that locomotion was THE travel option.  It was humbling and exhilarating. 

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