December 23, 2011

Working the solutions.

My job is sales.  I approach our members (customers) and ask to assist them.  Sometimes it is pointing them in the right direction or researching a product we use-to-could sell.  Mostly, I am answering questions about electronics and computers.  I have skills in translating tech-speak to plain English.  Further, I can successfully drill down to what the person wants instead of what they ask for.

Case in point:
A couple came in looking for the "Smart Blu ray players"  Samsung uses the "Smart" name so I took them to the specific  Blu-ray player.  They started asking a series of questions that made me back up from the specific to the general.  They wanted to drop cable TV and get the shows they like from the Network websites.

The "smart TV's" will not do this.  While you can look at websites viewing streaming content requires additional, unsupported browser based software (read: Java, Flash, Divx etc.).

So the "Guy at Sear", fed them a line of BS.  I suggested they buy a VGA cable and plug it into the back of the TV.  Of course, they did not like the idea of a cable running across the floor.  I wondered, out loud, if their home PC was capable of WiDi  (wireless display).  The age of the 'clunker PC' made mooted the idea.

Which brought me around to the solution.  To do exactly what they wanted to do, they would need a Laptop computer, a WiDi box for the Television.  On the downside, they came in looking for a $100.00 DVD player and left with a $450.00 Laptop and $50.00 WiDi box.

On the plus side, now they can do exactly what they wanted.

Here is the fun part.  In discussing various options, a few other members came to listen.  One of them asked if I was the person they should talk to about tech stuff.  The folks I sold the lap-top too emphatically stated I was "The One".  Over the next 15min, I sold three more laptops, a Tablet PC and two Televisions.

You have to Love non-commission sales at Costco.  Our return policy is such that our buyers only bring in quality goods and sales is more interested in matching folks up to tech in order to achieve zero returns.

Near the end of the sales spree, one of the members asked if I get tired of all the stupid questions.  I never consider them stupid, rather they are a way to provide solutions to specific problems.

Yeah, love my job.

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