December 15, 2008

Imagine Global Warming

Lets say your an environmentalist. You see people, companies and governments all ignoring the planet. For years the movement you hold so dear had gained little momentum. Some in your movement are now breaking laws and endangering people for the greater good.

So in order to make your point you gather a bunch of data and make a graph, only to find out it does not illustrate your belief that man is throwing so much bad stuff into the air it is causing the planet to warm at an alarming rate. So you go back and massage the numbers until you get the desired graph. This is what Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley and Malcolm K. Hughes did and it is referred to as the the MBH98 reconstruction or the Hockey stick graph and it largely started the Global warming myth, which was renamed Man Made Global warming then Climate change.

It is the classic road to hell paved with good intentions. The Media picked up the ball and ran with it, regurgitating bad data without looking it up.

When politicians got ahold of this it stopped being important to have the facts, it became "the Big Lie" and a way to get funding for various things, it also got people elected and re-elected.

I actually do not have much disagreement with recycling, eating lower on the food chain, lowering electrical usage etc. I more rail against the censoring of real scientific debate over a subject that has become more important then feeding people. Anytime someone tells you "The Debate is over" they are selling something...

Some buried news items:

Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies falsly announces October hottest ever

Panel on Climate Change scientist dismayed at Global Warming spending .vs. the poor.

scientific data on what is causing global warming is "contradictory"

The Oceans have stopped warming!

Global Warming Hits Mars!

Sun to blame for Global Warming

Finally a really nice Wiki entry.
Global Warming Swindle


Stella said...

Oh, Lee, how do you explain those poor polar bears in the Arctic? They are almost extinct. And, if you think about it, that is a clear demonstration that oceans have not stopped warming.

Global warming is not a myth. I just think there are more scientific facts that support Global Warming than not. But, of course, I'm not going to say the debate is over.

Hope all is well with you.

Lee said...

IT is a fact the the Earth's overall temp rises and falls. Man made global warming is a flawed Premise. At least you allow that it is not a fact.

I would like to see some real perspective on this, not costly "feel good" plans that only line the pockets of con artists.

As for the Polar bear. Poor or not the number is increasing:'thriving-as-the-Arctic-warms-up'.html

shoo said...

First, species becoming extinct is not an indication of global warming. Species have gone extinct long before man came on the scene: no need to assume its always our fault just because we happen to be around to wonder about it.

But more importantly, they are not almost extinct. In fact, there are more polar bears now than at any time in the 20th century. There is lots of info on this out there if you care to look. The following blog has links to many good sites:

Polar Bears Are a Prop

Lee said...

antarctic ice has been shown getting thicker since 2002.