December 20, 2008

Majority rule? Not so faast.

So lets say 13  million people vote on something.  7 million say yes and 6 million say no.

Why would the 7 million be considered extreme and the 6 million mainstream? 

How big of a fit should the 6 million throw to get their way?

I'm starting to think a portion of our society has re-gressed to age 10...


flyingvan said...

Well, there are three things going on. The simple majority of a democracy, The necessary check and balance of a Republic, and the attempt to alter reality with a vote. ...An island requires a landmass and a body of water. We could vote that an island is a landmass surrounded by a landmass, no water required. It still wouldn't turn the landmass into an island..

shoo said...

Our constitution was designed, not for majority rule, but to protect individual rights against the "tyranny of the majority", as our founding fathers put it.

Lee said...

You both missed my two brilliant points.

The majority is being called Extreme on a twice voted, twice passed ideal.

The public outcry after the election.