December 04, 2008

Brawl with the Presidents

Not sure how my mind captured the following. Your in a Bar with a US president (any, in thier prime, your choice), when a baroom brawl busts out.

Given the absurd above situation, which president would you want to have your back?

Gerald Ford popped into my mind. After all he did play center and linebacker with two back to back unbeaten seasons for the Wolverines.

Eisenhower was a fighting man, played some football at the Academy. I figure he could hold his own. Truman and Kennedy had some fight in them. Grant and Lincoln as well. Even George W. and George H. W., I think would have fared well. Washington, probably would have been a good choice.

Then my mind hit upon the only choice. Theodore Roosevelt, the man could kick butt.


flyingvan said...

Ulysses S Grant, hands down. He was a brawler and a head butt-er all the way. George Washington, at 6'5", probably could do some damage as well. So that's assuming I wanted to win. My first choice, actually, would be Obama. He'd attempt to set up a dialogue, reach across the aisle, and get his ass kicked.

- Rob said...

By the end of your second paragraph, I immediately though of TR also. Then I saw that you came to that conclusion at the end of your posting.

Second place for me is Andrew Jackson. I really haven't researched this at all, so it is entirely based on what I vaguely remember about the various presidents. Anyway, AJ seemed pretty down to earth and ready to rumble (in addition to being ex-military also).

On the flip side, who would you least want? Again with very little research, my first impression is Jimmy Carter.

Lee said...

Yeah, I thought about that as well.

William Harrison, Taft, Carter, Nixon, Clinton. Andrew Jackson had quite a few medical problems because of his duals.

There is a bit of irony for my last choice Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Stella said...

I'm with Lee. After you get in that ballroom brawl, can you send TR my way?

keeka said...

wow. I am impressed. With myself! I was thinking TR as well!
Second would have to be Ronald Reagan, after all the westerns he was in at least he could look good fighting!

shoo said...

Chuck Norris for Pres!