December 30, 2008

More WoW entertainment

With 11.5million people playing, you get some pretty funny game based entertainment.  This is courtesy of the Avatards.  

If you do not play World of Warcraft, after you dispose of a bad guy or MOB (Monster Or Beast), you double click on them (they are all sparkly in game), and you get a window with treasure (loot).  If you enter a dungeon (aka an Instance) the MOBS in there are elite (very tough) and they tend to drop the best loot.

Loot in WoW are various levels of quality.  Grey is trash, White can be useful, Green is okay, Blue is excellent and what you want.  There are Purple and Orange after that.  Purple are best of the best and Orange is supposed to be da bomb.  

However, with the evolution of the game and the addition of more levels to the game the Oranges have kinda fell from grace.

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