December 09, 2008


"Instead of $15 billion or $18 billion, why not let the free market, Congress can do anything, right? They can run this business, they can run that business, they can administer that service. I mean they're the experts, are they not? We're investing in Congress final authority to do everything right, are we not? So my idea is Congress should put in an order to buy a million or a million-and-a-half cars. Whatever number of cars you could buy for $15 to $18 billion dollars,

That's what needs to happen here, is it not? We need to sell American cars. So Congress should go in and buy the cars and then sell them! They know how to get reelected. They know how to raise campaign cash. They know how to get and spend earmarks. They know how to get away with destroying certain businesses. Let them show us how to save one. Go in, buy the cars, and then sell 'em. Selling cars is hard work. We need the best and brightest for this. Obviously the dealership system isn't working. Obviously the way General Motors is doing it isn't working. "

Thank you Rush! (full credit to Mr. Limbaugh)

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