December 02, 2008

Your Rights .vs. the Police

My buddy Joe posted about a run in with the law and that you should never talk to a police officer. He had a video linked as well.

Anyways, a teen of someone at is now in jeopardy of loosing his scholarships. He had gone to a party which the police came to visit. He told "the truth" that he had tried glass of wine with his family for Thanksgiving Dinner.

informational link

As a fan of various cop shows, CSI, Life on Mars, Starsky and Hutch, Police Squad, I recall that the arrested guy usually spills and incriminates himself within a minute of sitting in the interrogation room. Of course this is a plot device to keep the story rolling. There is a subtle and sometimes overt programming that will influence people. It could be something that will clean your bathroom bowl, or change your brand of Beer.

So watching these shows could easily allow you incriminate yourself. It is up to "We the people" to know our rights and exercise them.

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