February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

It's Ash Wednesdays, and all us Catholics head to a service so the rest of the day we can be told we have a smudge on our forehead. 

Lent begins and for forty days we prepare for Easter.  The forty days is representative of Jesus fasting in the desert where he endured temptations of Satan.  Not, a fun time.

Among the many traditions during lent there is one that I recall from my youth that is not practiced anymore.  The Passiontide.

For the last two weeks of lent the crucifixes and holy statues would be veiled  in violet.  It was always a bit sad and poignant with a revelation at the ending.  All in all it was a nice tradition that enjoyed.

Seems today that there is quite a bit of talk about the reasons for Sacrifice.   I have an awesome example.


mom and dad said...

The Presbyterian Church we attend now smudges too.

Love to your family

mom and dad said...

the "mom and dad said"
title is for Crystal's blog--and I'm tech challenged-- Myrna

Lee said...

Yeah, your kind of the computer black sheep of the family... ;P

Stella said...

Not a fun time, surely. But I wish you deep self-realization in a time of denying the physical world.

I found a site called Passiontide and Holy Week. I hope you enjoy it.