February 08, 2009

Obama .vs. the World opinon

Many people I know thought that by electing Obama he would repair the USA's relationship with the world.  People would be "Proud to be American again" (yes, that notion is alien to me too)

I am starting to think the nations of the world wanted an inexperienced US President so they could run roughshod all over the place.

First off I am getting the feeling this administration really do not have any answers for anything.
The EU and Canada are not happy with the Protectionism.
Kyrgyzstan must see the weakening of the US President with the elimination of our base.
Iran rattled its sabre at us now that someone less threatening then a GW is in charge.
The Afghan War is also being re-worked so we can loose?
The UK is not happy with the president either.

While I am sure within four years he will have the world singing Kumbaya hand in hand.  He is off to a pretty rocky start, having lost the tactical respect.

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shoo said...

That has pretty much been my take on the whole "the world hates us because of Bush" thing: the world wants us to have a weak leader so they can walk all over us.

Funny how, while everyone tells us how much the world hates us because of Bush, strong Bush supporters won the most recent elections in Germany, France, Italy, and Australia.