February 03, 2009

Hollywood and other alternative realities.

There have been quite a string of liberal bias films that someone in hollywood thought would be  a good idea.  Film after film has died in the box office.  It is as if the population of the US does not resonate with those on the left coast.

 "Che" did so poorly it was rushed into pay per view.  Oliver Stone's "W" is a good tax write-off. "Redacted"  likewise, "Rendition" another looser, "The Good Shepard" got flocked (sorry couldnt resist), and so on.

Escapism fare is what people are going to see in a downturn economy.  

Look at this weeks box office...


Stella said...

I'm dying to see Frost/Nixon and Doubt. I don't think it's so much bad movies as what you said: escapism fare in a downward spiraling economy.

But, you know, those 30s and 40s movies were such wonderful escapism. If you haven't seen Howl's Moving Castle and Swept Away by Miyazaki, that's wonderful escapism—and great for the kids.

Lee said...

Most people have strong patriotic feelings for their country and do not like seeing it dragged through the mud as a form of entertainment.