February 03, 2009

I Forgot to pay my taxes.

The image on the left shows another man who "Forgot" to pay his taxes.  During his campaign President Obama was all about ethics.   He was going to bar lobbyists from his administration and user in a "new era of responsibility"

So far his "exceptions" are telling.  Change we can believe in is not the same thing as business as usual.  We the people have a good reason to remain skeptical.   To me this goes back to lack of experience.  

His first major bill, the spending being spun as stimulus is the proverbial "lipstick on a pig"  the senate knows it and without some major changes it is going to never come to pass.  In my mind this is a good thing for the country, I mean Bush and the congress pushed through that bail out and it has been a disaster.  

Maybe, a defeat is what President Obama needs to reflect.  I dunno, looking for silver linings here.

I just hope the Senate can hold to fiscal responsibility.

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