February 07, 2009

Digital converter

Well, I got $80.00 back from the government to buy a converter box for my Televison.  It was so nice of them to give me back my $80.00...

So it is a cheapie thing in ugly packaging.  Functional. Made in China.

I still had the antenna feed in the wall so it was a simple matter to hook it up.  The stations look pretty good (both stations).  It was nice seeing local commercials again.

What wasnt easy was removing the Old VCR (non-functional).  The Tivo (un-subscribed) and the Dish network (un-subscribed).   Now the coolist part was being able to watch CBS shows.  Our Dish Network ran into negotiation problems.

Thanks to the internet, I can watch any missed programs.  So it is all good.  


Tina said...

I need to catch up on all the CSI's. I missed the whole Grissom-gone-new-guy-in thing.

I guess I could wear the earphones & ride the bike thru the episodes?


Daniel said...

I predict that during this "recession" television providers (dish network, directTV etc.) prices will drop dramatically and will stay low because people will figure out that many of their favorite shows are available online a couple weeks after they are first aired.

Lee said...

Try the next day after they air.

Dish and Direct and Cable cannot just drop prices because they have contracts with the providers.