February 04, 2009

Change, you can believe.

Exactly how many jobs? I know holding a politician to his word is difficult at best. With all his bloviating on the campaign trail and  garnering so much support, I was in hopes that President Obama would be different.

Nov. 22, 2008 His plan would create 2.5 million Jobs.

Jan. 31, 2009 The number was 4 million jobs.

Feb. 1st. (the next day) It was 3 million.

Kind of reminds me of who his tax increases were aimed at.  That dollar figure kept. going down...

However, what good will the above do, if Nancy Pelosi's claims are true -- "Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs." 

You can take a peek at some of the Porkulus bill here 

Its not really job creation, or stimulus, pure and simple it is an out of budget spending bill.  It should be stopped.


Stella said...

There's some good stuff in there, though. Education is a long-term stimulus which we desperately need. In the past 40 years, Amtrak has been in the red: but, the railroad is preserving America's history.

My issue is the $600 million the federal government wants to spend on cars, and those stupid TV converters (that was a Bush idea) for $650 million.

I still believe in green jobs: even if you don't believe in Global Warming, that OK. If the stimulus gets us away from depending on foreign oil, I'm support that part of the bill.

From the beginning, I termed myself "cautiously optimistic." I continue to remain cautious in my outlook. Lee, there just comes a point where my head starts spinning with the firing of news on a daily basis.

I have political malaise.

Lee said...

Amtrak is poorly run. They do not own the rails they pay "rent" to use them. When they were suffering a loss of ridership, they increased the ticket price to cover the loss...Gah!!

You really have to get over Bush, he did NOT put pork into the spending bill.

Again, Green industry that relies on the government funding it with our tax dollars is NOT stimulus.

Stella said...

This is the latest in economic proposals. Your thoughts?
$365.6 billion for construction projects, to improve the health care system and other priorities. (I hope they include Walter Reed and other VA facilities.)

$522 billion in tax cuts and other spending provisions on programs like health care and grants to states. It also includes a one-year fix of the Alternative Minimum Tax to shield middle-class taxpayers from paying a tax originally intended only for the wealthiest taxpayers, a provision that alone costs almost $70 billion.
$500,000,000 for construction to upgrade or modify critical infrastructure, as defined in section 1016(e) of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 (42 22 U.S.C. 5195c(e)).
For an additional amount for ‘‘Federal Prison System, Buildings and Facilities’’, 1,000,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010.
Stupid, stupid, stupid: For an amount for ‘‘Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Program’’, $650,000,000, for additional coupons and related activities under the program implemented under section 3005 of the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005, to remain available until September 30, 2010.
Homeland Security: $248 billion. (Needed. This office was critically underfunded.

Border Fencing: $200 billion. (I promise you: won't work...)

$800 billion for planning, management, design, alteration, and construction of U.S. Customs and Border Protection owned land border ports of entry.
If you stop by, you'll find we're not all that happy about this latest round of funding. I know you're right about Amtrak, Lee. It's my irrational love for trains. I've been across the country three times by train, and traveled all over Europe. It's an emotional response rather than a practical one.