January 26, 2010

mo' monie

We are showing a 24% unemployment here in Douglas County. The highest ever.

The official count is 17% with the balance being those no longer looking or have exhausted their unemployment. It is really tough out there. We are doing okay, but Tina is in a frustrating job and mine keeps bleeding hours away (we are looking at another cut next year).

So I am scouring the few want ads and job sites for anything. I have applied to a few positions here and there. Mostly to get a "I'm sorry but..." e-mail back. The companies that do put something out is inundated with applications. Recently a fast food chain locally got 600+ applications for a position.

Figuring out some business that would take off and make a seizable income would be a pretty awesome choice.

1 comment:

Tina said...

How about popcorn with no outer kernal stuck to it? Then people without teeth & people with braces could all eat popcorn again!