January 29, 2010

Oregon budget gap

Oregon voted it okay to raise taxes. It was sold as only the rich will loose and our schools will win.

Which, is of course, politics per usual.

There is a guy who started up a business in a nearby town. He has been building slowly over the last couple of years and has been able to hire five employee's. Doing so he had a $5000.00 loss for 2009, he does not mind paying $150.00 for the new minimum tax, he thinks $100.00 min would have been enough (It used to be $10.00). However, now he will have to pay taxes on receivables (isn't that a sales tax?) around $2000.00 that he just does not have, so one of the workers is now laid off (flush that training if they find another job) and his losses for 2009 is now $7000.00.

He just raised his prices by 1.5% in an attempt to generate income to call back he employee..


flyingvan said...

Yeah...We were following props 66 and 67 here. Guess I won't be opening my business up there after all, sorry. You were gonna be the IT guy, Byron was production, Bob was gonna do the graphic arts. We'd need a focus group to figure out what we were going to produce, but that's a detail.

Tina said...

If we all relocate to Vancouver, Washington, we'd have the best of both worlds. The business & property would be in WA, but we could shop in OR (no sales tax).

Figure out a "Green" thing that can actually make a profit & we're good to go!