May 12, 2010

Birthers and other conspiracy.

For quite some time I have been wondering as to why Barry Obama would not just produce evidence that he was born in Hawaii and stop the nonsense.

Then I realized that in dealing with theorists no evidence will suffice. Like the JFK assassination, the 9/11 disaster, Man Made Global Warming, Area 51, Over-population, Crop Circles, Uri Geller, etc. People are going to believe how they want.

Hands raised if you drank from any conspiracy kool-aid in the past. Mine is right there with you.

Case in point: Barry's Birth announcement was in two separate papers when he was born. These are released by the hospital to the newspapers.

However, the reaction to the above information is that the papers were faked. Or they smuggled the baby into Hawaii and pretended he was born and released that announcement to two papers. Because they knew in advance that this child was to become a President...

So you could produce the doctor, nurses, film, birth announcements, quantify them beyond a reasonable doubt and your theorists would still "Demand further evidence"

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shoo said...

Actually, the birther theory is not so incredible. Hawaii would make birth certificates for those not born in the hospital. The newspaper announcements were an automatic result of creating the birth certificates.

No one had to think maybe he would be President. All that was necessary was for Obama's mother to give birth in Kenya, decide she wanted to make sure her son would be a US citizen, and then fly to Hawaii to have a birth certificate issued.

On the other hand, I could not produce the level of evidence that Birthers are trying to require of Obama. In my point of view, in the worst case, he may not be a "natural born US citizen" on a minor technicality. But he was clearly born of a woman who was a US citizen at the time. In my book, that makes him a natural born US citizen.