May 24, 2010


I do not enjoy driving. My wife prefers to drive (over anyone). It works out rather well.

Complimentary attitudes like this are nice to have. My Pop states the key to a marriage is finding things to do that make you have things in common. Mom and Pop played bridge, participated in square dancing and had many trips, outings and cruises. All of which gave them things to talk about.

I count myself very lucky that Tina and I, in a given Venn Diagram, have quite a large subset of similarities.

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Tina said...

I do like to drive. I'm a good driver. People feel completely comfortable when I'm driving them. Most of them even fall asleep if it's a longer trip.

I have never been one to sleep on trips - car or plane. I had a hard time sleeping on the cruise ship on the one cruise I took.

So why not let others sleep if I'm not going to anyway.

I do relinquish the wheel to Lee when the driving conditions make it so I'm not happy driving anymore - on snow, for instance.

And yes, we complement each other well :)