May 17, 2010

The Yard

Grass Grows fast in Oregon. Getting dry enough weather to cut is problematic. Having to unclog wet grass every 10 feet is annoying. Next is having to bag the first couple of cuts of the season. Mulching mowers are a godsend. However, they only work if you do not have tall tall grass.

Our mower is a self propelled Toro with an electric starter. Really it has a Briggs Stratton engine, which is the more important. Trevor is our lawn cutter. He has done a better job each proceeding year.

We got three mows in this season. Each time the grass grew insanely after. I hope this last one will allow us to go into more of a weekly mow then not.


flyingvan said...

Buy a milking goat. Name her Toro.

Tina said...

I wish!!! And she could eat the poison oak away too!

As we're in the city limits, I'm not sure of the rules. Maybe if we said it was our pet?

flyingvan said...

It's just like my old partner at HazMat. He lives in Imperial Beach and wanted to raise chickens. The city said he couldn't have a chicken coop. He asked if he could have an aviary, they said yes. Was there any restriction on the bird species? He asked...Nope. So he has an aviary full of chickens.