May 03, 2010

Glowing magic box.

TV now a days is more about whats on the DVR.

As a family we watch Top Gear, Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who. We are watching Star Gate Universe but if it continues at the current pace that is going by the wayside.

Top Gear is the greatest TV show ever made. Yes is it a show about Cars, but it does not stop there. Some of the funniest TV occurs on this show. Also, some of the coolest.

Big Bang Theory is another in a long line of character driven Situational Comedy. The writers really know the genre and any show with Evil Wil Wheaton is a must see.

Doctor Who has been around almost my entire life. The adventures of a time travelling 900+ year old Time Lord, who periodically 'regenerates' into an entirely different person (even if he has not been Ginger yet) has some of the most intriguing plots and subplots.

Star Gate was always a fun Sci-Fi romp. When it first started we were living in Long Beach. Then for quite some years we had no way of watching. Finally up here in Oregon the providers aligned in such a way we could watch. SG Atlantis was a good time as well. Even the movies had a great sense of Fun. SG Universe is kind of meh... It really seems like they wanted the Angst and darkness of Battlestar under the heading of a franchise.

I hover over the 'stop recording series' button often.

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Tina said...

I like Bones too :)