April 01, 2009

Following Shoo's lead on ODS

If you cannot honor the man, then honor the office. If you cannot honor the office, then one more patriotic bond has been severed.

The office of the president has meaning and importance that transcend the views of its current occupant. Though elected by a part of America, the president becomes a symbol of its whole. The respect we accord him does not imply agreement or endorsement. It reflects our appreciation for constitutional processes. So a presidential visit is always an honor. The televised arrival of Air Force One, the motorcade, the playing of "Hail to the Chief," the audience standing as the president enters -- all these express a proper respect for presidential legitimacy.

special thanks to Mr. Gerson


flyingvan said...

Someone asked GWB what he thought of Obama so far, and he said Obama deserved his silence. GWB refused to trash talk Clinton as well. I wish more people noticed the class he restored

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Lee and Shoo.... Excellent post. This is exactly the right kind and temperment of dialog needed today.

Lee, I look forward to being a frequent visitor and contributor here.

Stella said...

I definitely noticed, flyingvan, and he deserves credit for his actions. I may vehemently disliked Bush's policies, but absolutely respect George Jr.'s silence regarding Clinton and Obama. Indeed, a class act.

Papa Bush and Bill are now fishing buddies after working on the same charity. That's the type of bipartisanship I love to see, especially from ex-candidates than ran against each other.

Lee, I'm sorry you won't be joining Mike anymore. Your comments are exactly the balance needed between perspectives.

Lee said...

Thanks Wizard, that is something to look forward too.

Stella, I would also remind you of the portrait reception GW Bush provided for the Clinton's. He was a gracious host, and always a class act.

MadMike said...

Ditto here! Secondly, Lee I am sorry you no longer contribute to my blog. I know things can get brutal at times and no one needs that. I wish you the best.