April 24, 2009

Dat's spicy!

I enjoy hotter foods.  That is to say spicy hot foods.  If it makes your forehead sweat and lips burn, that is good stuff!  I was blessed with a family of culinary wimps, so I have to doctor up my own dishes, which is fine.

Of the five of us, I have the highest... er... tolerance;  second in line would be daughter Diana, with a two way tie between Trevor and Tina.

As I have been carefully watching my caloric intake, I try to get a lot of flavor in my dishes.  So vinegars, dried chili's, hot sauces, BBQ sauces, Salsa etc. are added to the veggies in liberal amounts.  I have come to find that many of the products labeled "Hot" do not live up to the hype.

This could be regional...  Last August while in California we stopped at a Taco Bell.  I grabbed the Fire Sauce Packet and noticed it actually had some lingering burn!  The same packet we get in Oregon cannot do much in that regaurd, unless you let the content of four packets sit in your mouth for a couple of minutes.


Tina said...

Pace 'medium' is okay.

La Victoria 'medium' is too spicy for me.

Yes - I'm a wimp.

keeka said...

Lee, you would enjoy my friend Charlie's collection! It is all hot sauces. From mildly spicy to teary eyes, burning mouth, firebreathing hot! She loves hot sauce!