April 25, 2009

I guess you have to play wow to get this...

This is dedicated to Boans:

Druid to mage: Rez me please.

Mage: Crap it failed, wait a few seconds and I'll try again.
Druid: Okay
Druid: Fail again? Want me to run back?
Mage: No...no. I'll get it. It just that my heals aren't very good at healing people.


- Rob said...

I'll have to remember this trick. Mages have lots of power, but nothing in the healing area. The trick is to convince someone that it can be done anyway by trying hard enough.

Tina said...

I haven't ever played with another actual healer in a group, so I don't know how well other people do with it. I think my Keight is more rare, huh?

- Rob said...

I played a healer in CoH and it is a lot of work with fairly little recognition. It is easy to take for granted that the healer is there to watch your back while you get the glory of making the kills.

To be an effective healer character, you have to be very observant, able to multi-task effectively, be able to make quick projections on who to heal first based on who is losing life at what rate, and finally make risk/reward decisions on the fly when you can't cover everyone. Being a healer is a position that you should be able to put on a resume!

Tina said...

I'll keep that in mind when I next look for a job...

"Holy spec healer, level 71, World of Warcraft."