August 12, 2008

Alternative Energy! (cuz increasing oil supply is bad)

Cold Fusion: Dunking palladium electrodes into heavy water - oxygen combined with hydrogen isotope deuterium - releases HUGE amounts of energy. Placing a voltage across the electrodes moves the deuterium nuclei to into palladium's molecular lattice, fusing them together, releasing a blast of energy.

On little snag is that fusion at room temperature is deemed impossible by every accepted scientific theory. It works fine in stars. If controllable cold fusion proved possible, many of the world's energy problems would melt away

The US Department of Energy is interested. In December 2005, after a lengthy review of the evidence, it said it was open to receiving proposals for new cold fusion experiments.

This is the same DoE that concluded in a report back in 1990 the original cold fusion results, produced by Fleischmann and Pons of the University of Utah, were impossible to reproduce, and thus probably false.

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