August 11, 2008

A theory 'bout peeples.

1. People, in general, like telling other people what they should do.

2. People, in general, despise being told what they should do.

If you tell someone what to do their reaction will be based upon your position of authority.

If you are in distress being told what to do can be a relief (although, you may still despise being told)

The bestest way to tell someone what they should do is via a sales pitch. This can fool the person into thinking they came up with what they should do on their own (this is the method used by politicians)


flyingvan said...

So....What should I do?

Lee said...

Not sure, what do you think you should do?

flyingvan said...

When in trouble or in doubt, run and circles, scream and shout

keeka said...

I'm not sure I even want to see both of you together this weekend!
You are going to wear my ears out!
If I don't hurt myself laughing first! Can't wait!