August 19, 2008

Connor moments

With a kid like Connor you are never quite sure what he is going to do or react situationally.

There were just too many people for him to learn all the names. Although after a subtle hint from Shoo (pointing to his shoes), Connor quickly caught his name was Shoes, and refered to him as such.

The condo was referred to as the 'sleep house' and after a good 10 hours on a trampolene in the sun he really wanted to go there.

"lets go to Steves" was his most requested thing, and he associated Steve with Steves. Steve further endeared himself by placing connor between various pillows and making a Connor sandwich. To which Connor giggled and squeeled 'STEVE! what are you doing?'

Then there was his dutifully repeating the Leo line from Titanic while at the front of the pontoon boat, "I'm KING OF THE WORLD" immediatly followed by turnning and requesting applause.

Everyone was very accepting and kept an eye out for him, even the kids. Connor was all smiles throught the bulk of the trip. One or two smallish incidents that were cringe worthy.

My favorite Connor moment was near the end of the weekend while at Steves hand made cabin saying goodbye. Connor, dutifully giving hugs of goodbye all around, came to Byron looked up at him and with a big grin hugged him and said "good bye Scat-Man"

Which caught all of us off guard and still brings a grin to us.

..more reunion stuff to follow.


Tina said...

So now we have to figure out how we're going to set up a trampoline & pool at our house... That was just way too awesome for Connor to be able go from one to the other like that.

We are honestly working on the modesty thing. Really.

Re-Navy!! said...

that was really neat!! I LOVE connor! That kid really does always put a smile on your face! Gkad he had LOTS of fun and having a big trampoline like that would have been a HUGE blast for all the girls and can keep everyone entertained. A big swimming pool sounds like fun too!!

keeka said...

ok, but you have to explain the scat-man thing to me. Unless of course YOU don't know why he said that! Hehe

Lee said...

flyingvan said...

I see some holloween costume potential here for someone...