August 20, 2008

Vacation-reunion spot.

Here is Connor on the doc on lake Cuyamaca (The name is a Spanish corruption of the Kumeyaay phrase "'Ekwiiyemak", which approximately means "the place where it rains"). It actually reminded me of a dry spell in Oregon without as many trees.

If you look up inbetween the trees you will see the condo\cabin that we got to stay in. Shoo's family stayed on the other side. This was very nice in the late evening as Tina and I got to sit with Pam and Shoo, be treated to Pam's collection of savory tea's and just unwind and chat.

The next night Byron, Paula and Vince joined us as well with adult beverages and some pretty good stories. Really a nice way to end a really fun day.

Flying Van (Steve) really pulled together a wonderful time.

One of the activities was puttering around the lake in a large pontoon boat. We got dropped off at the lakeside resturant for lunch and Carl and Cole picked us up afterwards. Our Celeste made Yellow shirts really made locating each other simple.

Getting off the boat onto the doc was less then graceful for us due to the difference in height.

Great set of memories to relive in my mind though.

I do have to say Steves much better half, Annamarie has to be the sweetist, nicest , most generous, person ever to grace the planet.

Guess you and I both married above what we deserved, eh Steve *wink*

Oh, yeah, 20 years ago Tina and I tied the knot.


Marybo said...


and i have a blog now

Re-Navy!! said...

OMGH!!! happyniess!! 20 years congrats!!

Tina said...

Check out the slide show to the right... Lots of fun photos in there (which I took - I guess I need to work on my modesty as well).

Renaissance-Man said...

I had a great time sitting on your patio with the group and listening to you three. Tina, those scrap books were awesome. Lee, you sucessfully shamed me into building my own blog. I need to get into the loop now. Want to see how my house construction is going?