August 19, 2008

Long @$$ drive

Here it is 11:00 AM Tuesday August 19Th. I woke up around 6:00am unpacked the van, opened windows, got the rotten apple out of the kitchen and crashed around 8:0am and woke up again a bit ago.

Why so tired? Well...

Monday morning we packed up the lake overlooking condo, did a Geo-Cache (Steve & Rob are bastages) and hit the road around 9:30am. We gassed up near Escondido, at lunch in Upland, at dinner in Santa Nella topped off someplace south of Redding and arrived at home 2:40am.

I'm thinking next time we go by rail.

To any and all we are safe home and unloaded memorys and flash cards for upcomming posts.

hope the rest of you safely made it home.


- Rob said...

Looking forward to your comments about the caches on the geocaching site!

Bastage Rob

Re-Navy!! said...

glad that you got home safe!! i like hearing that!! Its a long drive so we know how you feel!! Hope Connor took it well and now you guys can understand just a little on how tired WE are when we drive there!! lol cant wait to see you guys again and thank for all the compliments lee!!