April 12, 2010

Count down to April 17th!

Doctor Who Season is about to begin! The longest running sci-fi series has a new face in Matt Smith.

He replaced the beloved David Tennant last year who left us with a sad
David Tennants Regeneration into Matt Smith - Click here for the most popular videos">"I dont want to go" changing to a near manic Matt Smith.

The innovation of the series is the written in ability of a Time Lord to regenerate into another person or actor. Matt Smith being the 11th actor in the series.

Mr. Smith is the youngest Actor to take the role and has suffered many doubts of his ability based on Mr. Tennants favored portrayal. Which is pretty funny as Christopher Eccleston, the previous doctor to Tennant, was likewise deemed impossible to follow.

I myself have haunted the various Whovian websites getting those bits of information that only wet the appetite for us fanbois, and I have really liked what I have seen.

So this Saturday, tune into BBC America (check listings) or set the DVR. This is going to be quite a fun ride!


keeka said...

Ok, I am not a Dr. Who fan, but was one of the Dr. Whos in one of the Harry Potter movies?
I will look it up if you don't know, but I figured you have seen all the movies and know all the Dr. Whos.

keeka said...

Ok, yes, I found it. He was in the Goblet of fire movie. He was a bad guy, son of a ministry official, can't remember the name.
Oh well, you know who I warrant. : )

Lee said...

David Tennant who portrayed Barty Crouch Jr. Who was the main villain in Goblet.

Albeit disguised as Mad Eye Moody through the bulk of the role.