April 03, 2010

Fire up the Quattro!

Indulge me in this one. On the left is a political ad from the UK. Pictured is David Cameron.

The only possible way you would get the reference is if you watched the TV show Ashes to Ashes. We saw it on BBC America.

The show is about a modern day detective whom has been shot and is on the verge of Death. Somehow she is in the late 1970's trying to figure out what is going on and why. She is partnered with a very Alpha male detective named Gene Hunt, which is the character being portrayed in the above Ad.

People living in the UK could not escape this show or this character. Back in the late 1970's a fatigued Labour government (Liberal) has left Britain dishonored and diminished, its treasury empty and its credit exhausted. Having spent years engorging the public sector, it now finds its obese, wheezing child turning on it in a spoiled rage. Strike follows strike. The Prime Minister, who took over mid-term without a mandate, is kicking himself for having missed an earlier opportunity to call a general election.

This should sound familier, and it is what is happening now in the UK.

Back in the early 80's the Conservatives stepped in. The strikes stopped. The economy revived. Having lagged behind for a generation, Britain outgrew every European country in the 1980s except Spain (which was bouncing back from an even lower place). As revenues flowed in, taxes were cut and debt was repaid.

One can hope that the UK has a Conservative movement that sweeps the globe!

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