April 08, 2010

Working World

The sun peeked out yesterday and I got a good 20 minutes running among the photons. This brightened my significantly dour mood for the rest of the day.

I enjoy my job, even though DOOM is in the air. The cuts that are coming have everyone feeling down. Getting a second part time job is very tough around this area. I have a couple of prospects that I have been praying about.

On the brighter side, Trevor was able to stop his sinking ship college career. He had achieved a fiscal suspension for poor grades. At my eldest sisters suggestion Tina has me run interference at his collage. It was a little too eye opening. Personally, I cannot conceive how you can get below a B at our community collage. Just showing up and handing something in will get you a C.

We were able to work with the administration to finish up and turn in unfinished assignments. This got him back on the grants list. Part of me is glad he can further his education, part of me moans for my ill spent tax dollars.

Here is a question for you. How can a huge increase in enrollment (students = customers) mean a shortfall in revenue for the collage?? Ugh! We cannot afford to have this many customers! HELP!!!

I hope there is more sunlight today. I could use another soak.


keeka said...

Well, here it was about 80 yesterday and I would send some up there for you if I could!
Today promises to be even warmer. Although the changes over the last few days have Cole's allergies going strong. Sniffly, sneezy, and draining sore throat all stem from that. Kaleigh and I have lesser versions of the same. I would like some nice clean rain please!

Daniel said...

Things I dislike... people misspelling college.

Anyhow, college is different than high school in that Professors will (almost) never come ask you about an assignment, if you don't turn it in. They will not ask you about it, they will not tell you to turn it in late.

You have to make the effort to immediately ask for an extension or if it's possible to get partial credit for turning it in late. This last week was my first week where I've had to ask for an extension for assignments in more than one class (due to a fever). I was surprised that everyone of my teachers understood my position and allowed me more time than I even asked for.

Communication with teachers, no matter the situation, is a good thing. (unless your teacher is evil... in which case you should have paid more attention when signing up for classes)