April 13, 2010

How to ruin a nation.

Nearly half of US newspaper and broadcast TV news executives believe their organizations will fold within 10 years unless they find new revenue streams, according to a survey released on Monday.

So revenues are down, jobs are being cut. This does not point to a recovered economy, regardless of the hopes and wishes of the administration. A committee of economists, charged with determining the official turning points in the nation’s business cycles, certifies the beginnings and ends of recessions. But this time, the committee members say, the evidence is not so easy to decipher.

Newsweek magazine declares that "America's back!" We hear numbers out of Wall Street. We see covers of magazines like that. People are in the grips of unemployment and poor financial times wondering when they're going to start feeling some of this.

Add that to the huge tax increase that will hit everyone, just to prop-up unsustainable socalist programs. That is just more money out of the pockets of hard working Americans to line the pockets of those who want a free ride. No wonder most of us feel overtaxed!

Obama likes to spend money, our money, with no regard for outcome or sustainability. The stimulus package is a dismal failure by Obama's standards. With the anti-job regime puffing away on the tax dollar hash-pipe millions of jobs are lost and may never return. You start to wonder if this was the plan? More people dependent on a fat government.

We know that FDR's new deal was a raw deal. Nothing his government spent could stop the great depression. You would think someone so "highly intelligent" would look to history. The only glimmer of light is that the congress is too inept to take advantage of running the whole show. I guess it could be that there are a few representatives that actually care about the Country and not the ideology.

Still we sit watching prices going up, jobs being lost, lies being told and ponder a future that is not bright. A future where the current regime is unwilling to defend itself.

There is a lot of great things happening. The awesome Tea Party movement is driving a fiscally conservative grass roots agenda that has much promise for November elections. And Paul Ryan has emerged as someone who represents this much needed view.

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Tina said...

Barbara C. from TOPS will be just weighing in on Thursday so she & her husband can attend the Tea Party at our Courthouse...

You could go after you drop off Connor...