April 18, 2010

Minimalistic Running.

Vibram makes a really cool shoe glove. It gives you a bare foot feel when running.

Unfortunately the ones I want are $85.00.

So, I was reading various blogs about barefoot running, I came across some guy reviewing various minimal footwear. Lo and behold, River Socks get a great rating! At $9.00 a pop I picked up a pair from Fred Meyers.

They weigh 290 gram compared to 350 for my New Balance. That 60 grams of bulk is VERY noticeable when running. I did remove the insole as recommended (it will jettison itself if you leave it) and tried a bit of running.

When you run the weight of the shoes on your feet must feel heavier due to the pendulum swing. Less weight means less fatigue, or so I noticed on a 25 min run this morning.

If this running thing sticks I may, at some point, get the betterest ones. In the meantime, $9.00 is a big win.

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